Tips for Mindful Eating

Below are 10 tips for improving your mindful eating skills. Many times when people try to transition from strict calorie tracking to a more intuitive or mindful eating approach, they struggle with going back to overeating tendencies. Even while you may be calorie tracking, it can be helpful to begin to learn some intuitive eating skills in order to ease the transition to more successful longterm healthy weight management. The first tip, in particular, is key- paying attention to hunger cues. And then the other tips can help you to maneuver common pitfalls that lead to overeating and falling into old eating habits which can lead to weight gain. 1- Recognize hunger cues: Before you begin e

Understanding Scale Weight and Weight Fluctuations

Everyone’s weight fluctuates. Some people may see larger fluctuations than others (whether looking to lose weight, maintain, or even gain). Sometimes even when we are trying to lose weight and are in a consistent calorie deficit, our weight stays the same for weeks or longer. Although generally scale weight will decrease over time when working on fat loss (over the course of months, not necessarily weeks), as a stand alone data point, it’s not the best method of determining progress. With clients I like to track scale weight data because it CAN be a piece to the puzzle with progress tracking. When tracked in conjunction with measurements, pictures, and how a person feels, weight can tell

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