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About Me

Hello! My name is Susan Dangerfield, a Certified Personal Trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine, with Precision Nutrition Certification, and a passion for helping others reach their fitness goals. I'm 37 and a mom of 4 beautiful, smart, and active kids.


I haven't always been into health and fitness, but discovered my love of exercise and pushing my body to new strengths as I worked through my own fitness transformation. I learned how to successfully burn fat and build muscle and all while eating plenty of food! I love Oreos, burgers, and fries, and I learned I didn't have to give up foods I loved in order to get fit. Along the way, I also found the joy of eating healthy nutritious foods daily.


To me, being healthy is about finding a balance, not deprivation. Your fittest self is attainable if you put in the work. Fitness should feel approachable to anyone with interest in finding their strengths and pushing past their limits.

My Fitness Journey

The first year of my weight loss attempts, I jumped around between a variety of programs but struggled to stick with something long enough to see much progress.  However, over the course of that year, the fat loss did accumulate, and I soon realized that I had indeed made more progress than I initially thought.  Progress photos became a big driver for me to see change, and increased my motivation to continue. Whether or not that change showed on the scale became less and less important to me.

In 2015, I really amped up my desire to see more physical change.  I had lost fat in the past but had never seen if I was indeed capable of being strong.  I didn't have a desire to be skinny.  I wanted to be fit.

I learned that exercise isn't a punishment for eating.  It's a celebration of movement and adapting the body to new and more challenging stimulus. Exercise should be something you enjoy.  If it isn't, then find another method of training that you look forward to doing.  Although I did lose weight throughout my fitness journey, it became so much more than that.  My athletic performance, strength gains, and desire to improve in other areas have been key to my continued progress.

Being a mom is my biggest priority and losing the "baby weight" wasn't the first thing on my mind after having my last child.  Although, at least part of that was due to the fact that I didn't feel confident in my ability to see any physical change that would actually stick. Since then, I learned that I don't need to run marathons or starve myself to get to where I wanted to be physically. In fact, I found the greatest success following a moderate approach to exercise and eating.

Over the course of the past 5 years, I've learned valuable lessons that I love passing along to my clients.  Perfection is not needed to see amazing change.  Difficult days should be expected and the greatest progress occurs when you learn to ditch perfection, allow mistakes, and move on.

The biggest lesson I learned along the way is that just because you've given up on reaching weight loss and fitness goals in the past, doesn't mean you're doomed to that pattern forever.  You can push past the wall that keeps holding you back and change your story!

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