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Frequently Asked Questions (Macro Coaching)

Scroll down for DangerFit LIFT FAQ's

  • What if the purchase options are sold out?

    • Unfortunately, due to the personalized and detailed service provided, ​at present, I can only attend to a limited number of clients.  I do open up client spots as often as I am able - sign up for the notification list to get a heads up when openings will be added. Group coaching is a great option s- if that's of interest to you, check out the Services tab for upcoming sign up dates

  • Do you have a waiting list?​

    • I do not offer a waiting list. However, I do have a notification list to receive notice when I have 1:1 coaching openings (and a sign up date and time will be provided to snag a spot)- to add your name and email to this list, click on the notify me button on the Services page.​

  • How will I know when you have openings available? ​

    • By signing up for my notification list (see above)

  • Do you work with youth under 18?

    • I do not currently offer services to those under 18 years of age. ​

  • Do you work with clients over 50?

    • I absolutely do! 

  • Do you work with pregnant clients?

    • I happily provide macro services to clients who are pregnant, with the caveat that they should be cleared by their OBGYN physician for dieting (if you will be wanting to work on fat loss)

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  • Do you take clients with physical limitations?

    • The only training services I currently provide is my DangerFit LIFT program, which is a generalized weight lifting plan and not catered to those with injury, or who are pregnant or newly postnatal, or those with significant movement restrictions. If you are interested in my monthly lifting program, I'd recommend that you first meet with a physical therapist or specialist before starting.

  • Which service is right for me?

    • Do you want a generalized work out program for home or gym from a certified personal trainer? Choose the DangerFit LIFT option! Do you want personalized guidance on your macro's and some accountability? One of the two coaching plans would be great for you (premium or monthly).​ If you are not quite ready to invest in 12 weeks of coaching upfront, but want to give 1:1 coaching a shot, then sign up for the monthly coaching plan. Group coaching is ideal for those that are more self-starters, but this service still provides personalized macros and group weekly guidance (and 1:1 check in's once every 4 weeks), so this service can still be very appropriate for nutrition/macro beginners.

  • Will my macros be adjusted if I'm not making progress?

    • Individualized nutrition and fitness guidance is my passion. I will be monitoring your progress and adherence and will make needed adjustments as we go.​ Group coaching clients will receive adjustments if needed at the 4 week check points

  • I'm going on a vacation, can I still work with you or wait till I get back?

    • Enjoy your vacation! As a 1:1 macro coaching client, we can put your services on hold while you are away (if you will be unable to check email) or even continue with check in's while you are away. If you sign up but then want to wait until you get back, that's great too!​ But I'd encourage clients to get started before a trip so they can already be working on a more balanced approach.  The goal is lifelong health and wellness- not just when you are home and in routines. Service timeline adjustments are not catered to group coaching clients

  • Do I need to live near you to work with you?

    • My services are all on-line and can be done anywhere in the world. I have had clients all across the globe!​

  • Do you have in-person training options?

    • I do not currently offer in-person training.

Frequently Asked Questions (DangerFit LIFT)

  • Do the workout plans include cardio?

    • This is a lifting program and does not include cardio protocols. There will occasionally be some cardio components in a workout (like jump roping, kettlebell/DB swings, or something more metabolic)- but the goal of these workouts is to focus on lifting form, muscle engagement, and gradually building strength over time. Many people ask about cardio and it’s usually because they have the goal of fat loss and assume they need cardio to lose fat. But fat loss comes down primarily to your nutrition and ensuring you are in an energy deficit (that’s not extreme and includes enough protein to maintain muscle mass as you work on fat loss). So- if you are wanting cardio because of a fat loss goal, I’d suggest focusing on lifting, nutrition consistency, and daily movement in a way that’s enjoyable to you (walking is my favorite! And I typically suggest to clients working on fat loss to aim for an 8-12K step goal)

  • ​What if I don’t have all the equipment?
    • There are often substitutions that can be made for a lack of equipment. In the walkthrough videos I will sometimes point out some alternative options if you don’t have a bench for example. And for some exercises you can use a chair instead of a workout bench or step. Most of the equipment on the list is relatively affordable- and you can gradually accumulate equipment over time and make modifications as you go while you get your “home gym” set up. Some of the resistance band exercises will include DB swap options as well

  • If I pay now, do I have to start the workouts right away?

    • ​​You can start the workouts whenever you want! You can even just save them for a rainy day or whenever you need a workout (or if you are finishing up another program and want to wait to start Dangerfit Lift when that is complete). If you sign up for 12 weeks of workouts, you will automatically receive a new training block (4 week training plan) every 4 weeks- but you can do each plan when you want, based on your schedule.

  • Do I need heavy dumbbells? What if I only have a couple dumbbell pairs?​
    • ​If you only have lighter dumbbells, then you may want to add some reps or slow down your tempo of the exercise so that you can still challenge yourself. The ideal is to have the last few reps of each set be really challenging. If you get to the end of the stated reps and feel like you could have done a bunch more, then I’d suggest using a heavier weight. If you don’t have a heavier option, then slow down the movement, add a pause/hold or pulse- and really focus on form. Sometimes going lighter than you can at first is perfect as it gives you the chance to put more attention to the movement itself and making sure your form is on point before trying to increase weight anyway. You can also supplement you DB collection with other heavy items- like a gallon of water or laundry detergent- get creative and have fun!
  • Will these workouts help me build muscle or burn fat or both?
    • ​As noted in the question about cardio above, fat loss will come down primarily to your nutrition. You can build muscle OR burn fat (and maybe both) depending on where you place your nutrition intake, how experienced you are with lifting, and how much you challenge yourself with the workouts in terms of increasing weights as you build strength- whether you want muscle gain or fat loss, I’d suggest aiming to increase the weights in your workouts whenever you can (assuming form is on point). But these workouts are with progressive overload in mind- and will be great for muscle gain (if muscle gain is your priority, then I’d suggest eating at around maintenance or a small surplus). If you want fat loss, then place your intake in a small deficit (keep it moderate and not aggressive so that you have the energy needed to train and keep consistent with nutrition).
  • Will I see better results by working out in a gym? Can I still make progress if doing home training?
    • ​It depends on what kind of “progress” you are referring to. Refer to the question above about building muscle and burning fat. But the short answer to this is that you can build muscle or burn fat by training at a gym or at home. The only downside to working out at home is if you have a limited DB selection. If you need heavier weights to challenge yourself within the reps in the workouts, then working out at a gym with heavier weight options may be ideal
  • Do you provide any nutrition guidance with this program?
    • ​This is a monthly lifting program and does not include nutrition guidance- Nutrition protocols are very specific to the individual.
  • How do I reach you if I have a question about the workouts?
    • ​You can email me at with questions. Keep in mind that these workouts are for the general public, so if you are needing modifications because of injury or movement restrictions, then I’d suggest working with a trainer that can offer you personalized plans (or with a physical therapist if needed in some cases). But if you have technical questions related to the PDF’s, video links, or if you didn’t receive a workout plan per the release date schedule, then please reach out and let me know.

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