Frequently Asked Questions

  • What if the purchase options are sold out?

    • Unfortunately, due to the personalized and detailed service provided, ​at present, I can only attend to a limited number of clients.  I do open up client spots as often as I am able and hope to offer additional options to benefit more clients soon.

  • Do you have a waiting list?​

    • I do not offer a waiting list as it is hard to manage and has been counter-productive in the past. However, I do have a notification list to receive notice when I have openings (and a sign up date and time will be provided to snag an spot)- to add your name and email to this list, click on the notify me button on the Online Services page.​

  • How will I know when you have openings available? ​

    • I announce ​my openings on my Instagram stories (@sdangerfit). Generally, openings are made available on Sunday evenings.

  • Do you work with youth under 18?

    • I do not currently offer services to those under 18 years of age. ​

  • Do you work with clients over 50?

    • I absolutely do! I love my clients over 50 years of age!​

  • Do you work with pregnant clients?

    • I happily provide services to clients who are pregnant, with the caveat that they should be cleared by their OBGYN physician for exercise, and I do not currently have any specialized certification in this area.

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  • Do you take clients with physical limitations?

    • I absolutely work with clients who have specific physical limitations and would be happy to provide training options tailored specifically to their needs. I'd recommend that you have met with a physical therapist first and then I best meet your specific needs under those specifications.  ​

  • Which service is right for me?

    • Do you want an individualized work out plan from a certified personal trainer? Choose the Training option! Do you have an exercise program that you love, but want some guidance on your macro's and some accountability? One of the coaching plans would be great for you!​ Not quite ready to invest $230, but want to give it a shot? That's the 4-week plan!

  • Will my macros/training be adjusted if I'm not making progress?

    • Individualized nutrition and fitness guidance is my passion. I will be monitoring your progress and adherence and will make needed adjustments as we go.​

  • I'm going on a vacation, can I still work with you or wait till I get back?

    • Enjoy your vacation! If you want to get started now, we can put your services on hold while you are away (if you will be unable to check email) or even continue with check in's while you are away. If you want to wait until you get back, that's great too!​ I'd encourage clients to get started before a trip so they can already be working on a more balanced approach.  The goal is lifelong health and wellness- not just when you are home and in routines.

  • Do I need to live near you to work with you?

    • My services are all on-line and can be done anywhere in the world. I have had clients all across the globe!​

  • Do you have in-person training options?

    • I do not currently offer in-person training.

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