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Home Gym Info

I get asked often about our home gym and the equipment we've collected to complete it. To help those that are looking to put together or enhance their current gym space, I've compiled a list of all the equipment we currently have (or most of it) with links to purchase. Some of the items may no longer be available, as many of these things were purchased a couple years ago. But this should get you started! You can view a walk through home gym video tour HERE.

Equipment List 

Underlined items are clickable hyperlinks


Squat rack and attachments

Monster rack (squat rack)- they don't sell the same model we have anymore- but this is similar

Landmine attachment

Dip bar attachment

Squat bar pegs (we use these for small plate storage)

J-cups (make sure to get the right size for you specific squat rack)

Pin and pipe set

Multigrip crossmember (ladder bar)

Pulley system


Bumper weight plates

Grip plates (we got this type for smaller plate options (2.5-10 lbs)

Fractional plates


Medicine balls

Powerblocks (we have the "elite" series- and with the 90 lb expansions (so you get the basic set and then the "stage 2" and "stage 3" kits for the additional weights)

Additional equipment


Stability ball

Risers for step (but I'd recommend a different step!)

Knee cushion (or helpful for your back for hip thrusts instead of a large yoga mat)

Hip thrust pad

Pull up assist bands

Foam roller

Storage, design, etc

Rubber tiles (for the platform)

Metal frame (for the platform)

-We got our floor decal and the metal business name sign from

-For the wood center section of the platform we used MDF in TWO Layers... the bottom layer is just plain mdf and then there is a top layer of another mdf sheet with a laminate finish (this gave it the thickness we needed to "fill" the metal frame

Large storage bin

Storage system

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