Tips for More Effective Workouts

It often feels like a big sacrifice to take time out of your day to exercise. But there is a myriad of ways we can be sure to get it done efficiently AND effectively. Because if we are taking the time to train, we want it to be worth it! And we want results! The following tips can help you get the most out of your precious workout time.

  1. Be prepared: BEFORE you start your workout and even go to the gym , look over the exercises you plan to do. Look up form videos and have a decent idea of how to perform each movement before you get started. Have your water bottle filled, a sweat towel, and all equipment needed for at least your first set ready to go. Make a scan of your gym space of other equipment you will need for later in the workout. If you are needing a busy bench or cable machine and that is open NOW, you are always welcome to swap exercises around on occasion to utilize what’s available when it’s open.

  2. Set yourself up for progress: If you are tracking your weights used, record which weights you plan to use for each exercise ahead of time- instead of trying to do the math mid workout. Are you progressively working to get stronger? Are you always grabbing the same size dumbbells or barbell plates week after week, month after month? Once your form is solidified, make an effort to increase the weights you are using week to week. Many of my training clients utilize variable reps and sets in their workouts. If you are doing a 3x10 day for example, then the next time you get to a 3x10 day, try to increase your weight at least slightly in