Monthly Training

If you are looking for a weight lifting program that will allow you to build and progress in form and strength, then DangerFit LIFT is for YOU. From beginners to advanced lifters, it can be easily catered to your strength levels through your weight selection. Modifications are often offered through the monthly lifting walkthrough videos.

DangerFit LIFT Resources

  • Equipment List- Home

    Dumbbells (weight range dependent on your strength level)

    Stability ball

    ​Handled resistance bands with door anchor

    Loop resistance bands

    Bench or Step with risers

    Optional: incline/adjustable bench, med balls, kettlebells, TRX straps, chin up bar, chin up assist bands, ab roller

    - Some training plans will include the optional equipment, but will also provide substitutions that utilize the required equipment list

  • Equipment List- Gym

    Dumbbells (weight range dependent on your strength level)

    Barbells w/plates and squat rack (A smith machine could be used if free weight barbells are not available)

    Stability ball

    Cable machines 

    Loop resistance bands

    Bench (adjustable)

    Step with risers

    Leg press machine

    Chin up bar (with assist bands or assist machine)

    Dip bars (or assisted dip machine)

    Optional: med balls, kettlebells, TRX, calf raise machines, prone and seated hamstring curl machines, seated leg extension machine, ab roller

    - Some training plans will include the optional equipment, but will also provide substitutions that utilize the required equipment list- ALL plans include swaps for home AND gym, so you can always utilize the home swaps when needed

  • 2021 Release Dates

    Each 4 week training plan will be sent via email on it's Friday release date (so that you can review it over the weekend before starting them on Monday's)

    • Apr 23rd

    • May 21st

    • Jun 18th

    • Jul 16th

    • Aug 13th

    • Sept 10th

    • Oct 8th

    • Nov 5th

    • Dec 3rd

    • Dec 31st

  • Important Notes

    DangerFIT LIFT is not an individualized training program- each paying client will receive the same plan every 4 weeks. If you are pregnant, have injuries, or significant movement restrictions, this training program is likely not a good fit for you. However, I do often offer modification suggestions in the workout walk through videos that can cater to beginners or general struggles with plyometric movements or exercises that may be more challenging to a larger percentage of people. With that said, my training style is more traditional weight lifting and not generally high impact. If you are unsure if this program will be a good fit for you, I'd suggest just paying for one month and trying it out. If you love it, then you can continue forward with the discounted 12 week at a time plan.

Training Format Info

The monthly workouts will be a 4 day lifting split with an optional 5th day. The splits will vary throughout the program (upper/lower splits, or push/legs/pull/full, etc). The 5th optional workout will be shorter in duration and will often be catered to a specific muscle group (like glutes, shoulders, or core), but will occasionally be a full body format (or a higher intensity/conditioning workout). The 4 main workouts each week will generally be around 60 minutes in length and the 5th optional day will typically be around 20-30 minutes.

This is a progressive overload focused program- so you won't be doing different workouts every week. The monthly training plan will include a week's worth of workouts that you will REPEAT over the 4 weeks. This allows you to improve your form and build in strength (instead of learning new exercises with every workout).

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Check out the "Services" tab for a complete list of everything that is included with the program. For even more info, click on the Frequently Asked Questions button at the top of this page. If you still have questions, email me at 

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