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DangerFit Lift- 12 weeks

DangerFit Lift- 12 weeks


-THREE 4-week training plans (4 day lifting split with optional 5th day) -first 4 week plan will be sent as a PDF file which will be emailed to you within 48 hours upon purchase (on weekdays) - subsequent plans will be emailed on the release date every 4 weeks (link to those dates can be found HERE)- If you purchase within a day or two of the release of the next training plan, you will receive the UPCOMING plan on the release date (otherwise you’ll receive the current plan within 48 hours)

-Progressive Overload focused format (weekly workouts will repeat over the 4 weeks- to allow you to build strength and improve form throughout the training block)- each new 4 week plan will be different from the previous training block to still provide variety, but with a buildable format (some main lift exercises may continue into future training plans or with a slight variation)

-Training plans are for the general public but can be well suited for any strength level based on your weight selection (from beginner to advanced)-If you have an injury or significant movement restrictions, this training program may not be ideal

-Includes home and gym swaps (for needed equipment list click HERE)

-PDF's includes hyperlinks to exercise demo videos

-Full video walkthroughs of each workout (which goes over basic form cues, and some modification suggestions)

-Intro video's explaining the format and unique programming aspects of the training block

-Layout of suggested lifting schedule for each 4 week plan

Questions? View the FAQ page

  • First training plan arrives via email in 48 hrs

    Once purchased, you will automatically receive a downloadable PDF file which contains an overview of the training format and equipment list. The first of the 4 week training plans will be sent to you via email within 48 hours of purchase. If you purchase within 7 days or less of the release of the next training plan, you will receive the UPCOMING plan on the release date. Subsequent plans will be sent out seperately when they are released every 4 weeks.

    You will receive payment confirmation and your training plan download to the email that is associated with your payment method. Be sure to check that your email is updated and correct before purchasing. If you would like your training plan to be sent to a different address, email with your payment confirmation and a note about what email you would like to have on file for you going forward

  • Safety and Personal Liability

    The DangerFit LIFT training plans are created by Susan Dangerfield, a certified personal trainer through the National Academy of Sport Medicine (NASM). It utilizes a blend of stability, strength, and power training. Efforts are made to create a balanced and safe program. Be sure to keep form and range of motion as your priority. Utilize light weights until you feel comfortable with the movement, and then you can work on increasing your weights and overall strength within that exercise. If you have injuries or specific movement restrictions and considerations, consult with a physician, physical therapist and/or a trainer that you can work with in person to have your exercise needs evaluated and modified for. By purchasing this plan and performing these exercises, you are accepting the understanding that exercise and weight training can be inherently dangerous and result in injury, especially if done improperly or with impaired movement.  The trainer is not responsible or liable for any injury. Be sure to consult with your doctor before starting any exercise program.

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