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1:1 Nutrition Coaching- 12 weeks

1:1 Nutrition Coaching- 12 weeks


$300 for first 12 weeks- (then discounted pricing for service renewals)

​This 12 week coaching package includes the following:

For clients using an existing exercise program and needing personalized fitness/macro guidance and progress accountability

Personalized calorie/macros guidleines and basic nutrition guidance*

28-page Macro Ebook

Access to trainer assistance with exercise form

​Continuous progress tracking

​Twice weekly accountability checks with educational nutrition and fitness topics

​Access to a chat app for more prompt communication

Option for discounted re-sign and renwal options every 12 weeks (can extend for 4 weeks or 12)

**Nutrition services involve general nutrition helps within my scope of practice as a Personal Trainer and do NOT include specified meal plans, or assistance with dietary needs for allergies, food intolerances, and medical issues - if you have specific nutrition needs, please consult a certified nutritionist

  • IMPORTANT: Packet Download Information

    Once purchased, you will automatically receive a downloadable PDF file which contains your New Client Packet.  It is formatted to fill out electronically so it can be easily completed and then emailed back to your trainer.  Once you receive the file, don't just open it and fill it out in your web browser (it won't save if you do so).  Instead, download the file to your computer and open it directly from your hard drive. You should then complete all sections, follow the new client instructions in the packet, save the completed packet, and return all requested information to your trainer's email within the suggested timeline.

    *As part of the New Client packet, you will need to answer some basic questions assuring your trainer that you are in proper health to participate in an exercise/nutrition program.  If you have medical issues that need to be addressed, please see your doctor and receive clearance to exercise before purchasing this training package (tailored workouts are not included with this service, but if you plan to incorporate your own exercise program, be sure you are in proper health to do so)

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