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Personal Training & 

Nutrition Coaching 


Approachable Fitness

Welcome to the home of DangerFIT Personal Training Services. I believe that fitness is for everyone of any age, any ability, and any goal. A healthy lifestyle may look different for everyone, but no matter the goal, there is an approach that can be best suited for that individual. I love working with clients to find the approach that works best for them and is doable for them at this moment in their life. 


My NEW Monthly Training Program for anyone that is wanting to incorporate a progressive overload focused weight lifting approach. New workouts are sent out monthly and include detailed walkthrough videos with modification ideas for movements that may be more difficult for beginners. Workouts include swaps for home or gym training. Sign up TODAY through the Purchase Tab to start receiving LIFT workouts- more details are provided on the DangerFIT LIFT tab


For those that are not needing custom workouts and are looking for nutrition help and accountability within the exercise program of their choice. Clients will receive general nutrition guidance and personalized macros and macro adjustments based on progress, biofeedback, and adherence. I teach clients flexible nutrition approaches that are best suited for them and their goals. Services are for 4 or 12 weeks blocks with options to re-sign.



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Susan Dangerfield

NASM Certified Personal Trainer

Precision Nutrition Certified

Phoenix, Arizona

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