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Amy's Success Story

[8 weeks of progress]

“Susan has coached me through macro tracking and improving overall eating habits after my last two pregnancies.  I’ve always enjoyed working out but struggle with eating well.  Knowing that there is someone holding me accountable for my decisions with check-ins has been a huge motivator.  The one thing I really like though is the “gentle” motivation.  If I’ve had a few bad days, she always helps me get back on track without making me feel bad about imperfections.  I think one of the major reasons why her coaching has worked is because all of her tips are for longterm, sustainable changes, not quick fixes.  The advice she sends in her check in emails is practical and different from everything else I’ve read.  Plus, her personal food choices include things that I actually enjoy eating! I probably would have fallen off the wagon several times in the last few months—but her consistent presence has been the one thing to really keep me on track.”

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